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Camera gear, and thus reviews, is typically handled on Thom's sites specific to the type of gear (mirrorless, DSLR, film). Mirrorless camera reviews appear on the sansmirror.com Web site, and for Nikon mirrorless, also on the zsystemuser.com Web site. This page is mostly a pointer to all those reviews. Also, if I have a book for a camera, you'll find a link to that here, as well. 

Mirrorless Camera Reviews

First link (bold) is to my review for the Nikon bodies, second is to my book for the camera:

Non-Nikon and discontinued Nikon camera reviews:

A lot of people want some quick recommendations. Generally I recommend that you stick with the brand of camera you've been using. That said, here are current mirrorless cameras I usually recommend to people:

Crop Sensor (m4/3 and APS-C)

  • Canon — R7, R10
  • Fujifilm — X-S20, X-T5, X-H2S
  • Nikon — Z50 or Zfc, perhaps Z30 if you don’t need EVF
  • OM Digital Systems (Olympus) — E-M10 Mark IV, OM-5, or OM-1
  • Panasonic — GH6 or G9 II
  • Sony — A6100, A6400, or A6700

Why those specific models? They are the best intersections of size/weight, user experience, and performance. Be careful of moving too far upscale with crop sensor, as we now have really good lower-cost full frame models. 

What does Thom use? I'm using an X-S20 these days when I need APS-C, but because I have excellent full frame cameras I mostly use those, and crop sensor has become all about size/weight versus performance to me. 

Full Frame

  • Canon — R8, R6 Mark II, R5, R3
  • Nikon — Zf, Z5, Z6 II, Z7 II, Z8, Z9
  • Panasonic — S5 II (S5 IIX if you're into video)
  • Sony — A7 Mark III or IV, A7R Mark V, A9 Mark III, A1

Why those specific models? Full frame has moved forward considerably from where it first started, and these eleven models are all arguably excellent performers across a broad range of functions.

What does Thom use? Mostly the Nikon Z8 and Z9 as I have an excellent Nikon lens set (one of the reasons why you should stick with your brand, generally). But I also use a Sony A1, as well. I really like the R5/R6, but I don't have a Canon lens set to take advantage of those bodies and I can't contemplate building another duplicative lens set.

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