17. Khwai Provides

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If you’ve been following along, you know that Khwai has a wild dog pack with pups, two leopards with a kill, and much more. So for most of today I’m just going to let some student photos tell the story.

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bythom 8-16-okavango-pp-3.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-jj-3.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-tm-4.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-dj-7.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-tm-5.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-jj-2.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-9.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-jh-5.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-11.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-10.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-bf-2.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-jj-6.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-jj-7.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-bf-5.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-bma-2.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-dj-2.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-dj-3.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-pp-2.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-dj-4.jpg

Yeah, it was that kind of day. 

Back at camp, all of our meals are cooked on open flame or via ovens fueled by coals. Don’t believe me? Here’s our wonderful cook, Kay. 

bythom 8-16-okavango-bm-2.jpg

Where did she get those muffins from? Let’s follow the trail backwards.

bythom 8-16-okavango-bf-3.jpg

Above she has taken the muffins out of the oven. Still don’t believe me that those are ovens? Okay, let’s look inside and see what’s baking:

bythom 8-16-okavango-jh-3.jpg

Meanwhile, where’s our water come from? Let’s follow that backwards to the source, too. See that big green bladder in the truck? That’s filled with water. Either that our it’s a giant California King-sized water bed, I’m not sure.

bythom 8-16-okavango-bm-3.jpg

The water itself typically comes from nearby community pumps.

bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-8.jpg

And to get that water you need to pump. Here’s Barnes, our camp chief doing that job. 

bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-6.jpg

Oh, by the way, did you notice the tat on the big truck?

bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-7.jpg

This evening we go for a sunset shot (and sundowner drinks):

bythom 8-16-okavango-jj-5.jpg
bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-2.jpg

This is followed by a short night drive. Unfortunately, the only animal of note we managed to find was an owl. [someone reminded me that this is actually a rare sighting: it’s a Pels Fishing Owl; I’ve added my shot of him]

bythom 8-16-okavango-ap-3.jpg
bythom INT BOTS August 2016  KhwaiMenoi D7200 24393.jpg

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