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Camera gear, and thus reviews, is typically handled on Thom's sites specific to the type of gear (mirrorless, DSLR, film). DSLR camera reviews are covered on dslrbodies.com. Also, if I have a book for a camera, you'll find a (red) link to that here, as well. 

DSLR Camera Reviews

A lot of people want some quick recommendations. Generally I recommend that you stick with the brand of camera you've been using. That said, here are current mirrorless cameras I usually recommend to people:

Crop Sensor (APS-C)

  • Canon — 90D
  • Nikon — D7500 
  • Pentax — upcoming K-3 Mark III

Why those specific models? While you can buy lesser models, these are basically the state of the art for APS-C DSLRs, and because of the decline in the market, likely to remain that way. 

What does Thom use? None. I moved on to mirrorless in APS-C. 

Full Frame

  • Canon — 1DX Mark III, 5D Mark IV
  • Nikon — D780, D850, D6

Why those specific models? All of these are absolute workhorse cameras, capable of almost any job you'd throw at them. They represent the "best of DSLRs."

What does Thom use? Mostly the Nikon D6, which is used mostly for sports. The mirrorless Z9 or Z7 II now replaces my D850 for landscape work.

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