2016 Botswana Wrap

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I’m back home writing this penultimate post (yes, there’s another). There’s a pile of stories I haven’t told, a heap of photos I haven’t shown. 

The Nxai Pan group, for instance, found a cheetah with cubs and spent a long evening at Baines Baobabs photographing them under the Milky Way. I spent another day chasing zebra and elephants. The Victoria Falls group did all the sunset and sightseeing things you’d do there, including some flying over the falls themselves. I never did tell you what we did to prank Shane’s vehicle (hint: he was driving around Savute the next day with “I LUV BIG CATS” plastered on one side of the Land Cruiser, and that was just a leftover bit of what we did). I’ve left out several interesting sightings. I haven’t shown some of my favorite photos from the trip because they didn’t fit the stories I was telling.

But those are all stories and photos for another day. As you might guess, after spending three full weeks in Botswana shooting and teaching and running around constantly I ended up a bit on the tired side. Good thing my last stop had a pool with a view ;~). Unfortunately, my blog entries finally petered out while I was still in Africa, and I’m not going to try to resurrect the last couple of days for you, especially since I wasn’t present for some of what happened. It’s time for me to take a nap, like that lion up above.

Thus Shane and I (and Tony) will just say our goodbyes for this year. Perhaps I’ll blog next year’s trip and start the whole thing over again. I hope you enjoyed the show…I think I speak for everyone that we sure enjoyed being in it.

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