And a Short Followup on Lists

You may remember that I gave you an Excel spreadsheet at the beginning of this blog. Now is the time to pull that file back out.

Delete the things you didn’t need and shouldn’t have brought. Add things you needed but didn’t bring. Adjust quantities of things—underwear, for example—that turned out to be extravagant or deficient. 

Do this now while the trip is still fresh in your head. The longer you wait, the more you’ll forget and the less likely your list will be optimal for the next similar trip. Yes, the spreadsheet I started with for this trip was from a previous trip, which was a variation of one from a previous trip. Each trip I make small adjustments, but fewer than you might think. Most of my changes these days are due to (a) number of days being spent traveling; (b) changes in season from the previous trip; (c) changes in the equipment I own now versus then; and (d) different locations I might be visiting. 

This year’s trip was a little longer than usual, and went to two places I hadn’t been before, so I needed to make adjustments for that. But only adjustments.

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