South America

South America is a big, diverse continent. It has destinations that cater to almost any kind of photographer.

INT Patagonia March 2015 EM1 43473

My first encounter with South America was a trip to the Galapagos in 1990. Since then, I've been on extended trips to different parts of the continent fifteen times, with more trips scheduled in the future. That's about 48 weeks of travel, or nearly a year, but it still leaves vast areas I haven't been to yet. So far the majority of my experience has been in the Galapagos, Patagonia (Argentina and Chile), and Peru, and I have a few articles on those:

Here's just some of the other places I've seen in my South American travels that stood out photographically:

  • Iguazu Falls (Brazil, Argentina). A massive interlocking set of falls that are the equal of any in the world. 
  • Machu Picchu (Peru). A large relatively intact (some restored) Inca ruin at the top of bluff in a setting that's other worldly. 
  • Cuzco and surrounding area (Peru). A mountain city surrounded by interesting and varied historical sites (plus it's the starting point for most Machu Picchu tours).
  • Quito (Ecuador). Another mountain city (9000' base elevation surrounded by higher mountains) that has a unique flavor and charm, especially the Old City area.
  • Santiago (Chile). The heart and hub of Chile, this metropolis lies nestled up against the Andes and sprawls in a way that defies categorization outward. 
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina). Another huge, sprawling metropolis, but one with a decidedly European flavor to it, and its street scene is lively and colorful.

There's certainly much more than that to explore in South America, but I limit what I write about and recommend on this site to things I've directly experienced. As always, I'll expand my coverage as I get more experience.

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