2013 Botswana Photo Workshop Blog

In 2013 Thom Hogan and Anthony Medici again led a photo workshop through the Okavango Delta system in Botswana. This is Thom’s blog of that trip.


The basic map of key points we hit during the workshop (thanks Murali):

  1. Royal Tree Lodge
  2. Moremi Mobile Camp
  3. Camp Okavango
  4. Lopez Island
  5. Savute Mobile Camp
  6. Chobe Mobile Camp
  7. Chobe River cruise (from Kasane)
  8. Botswana Passport control
  9. Zambia Passport control
  10. The Royal Livingston

I rolled out the blog on a day-by-day basis on tape delay, so that everyone got more of the feel and pace of what we were up to. Here’s the blog day-by-day:

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