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This section includes articles on traveling for photography and some of the places you might travel to. It's the result of over 30 years of traveling to exotic places with a camera, and by no means a complete recounting of my experiences. 

What you'll find in this section is an ongoing set of experiences I've had, some recent, some older, some detailed, and some general.

One topic that comes up from time to time is "how do you find reliable International tours?" I can only vouch for organizations I've used, but here's a quick sample of a few that I can recommend:

  • Capricorn Safaris in Botswana. Run by ex-pat Adam Hedges, his wife, and their son Shane, this small outfitter in Botswana is top notch in every respect. If you're looking for a high-quality African safari in some of Africa's best animal refuges, it's difficult to beat Capricorn's Botswana safaris. Many of the World's best tour operators use Capricorn as their local organizer, too. I use Adam's company for my Botswana workshops.
  • Shoot the Light. Chas Glatzer is one of the best wildlife photographers you'll encounter, and he leads frequent workshops into exotic places that others don't tend to get to as often: Falkland Islands, Arctic Circle, Iceland (for birds), Yellowstone in winter, and even Japan for the Snow Monkeys and birds. I've traveled with some of his groups and he does exactly what he says he'll do: enhance both your technical ability and your visual sense. But it's really his knowledge of animals and how to shoot them that pays off in spades at his workshops. Oh, and bring a digital tape recorder: once Chas gets talking about how to do something, he'll spew more knowledge than you can track by just trying to listen. That's especially true when he starts showing you things in Photoshop.
  • Wilderness Travel. Not specifically oriented to photography, Wilderness Travel is one of the premier mild-to-wild adventure travel organizers in the world. Galen Rowell used them to organize his International photo workshops, as do I (so do a few other name photographers). WT is a class outfit that has top-notch guides and local support suppliers throughout the world. Their tours tend to be on the high-priced side, but you'll get about as good an experience as is possible wherever you go. 

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