18. Khwai Goodbye

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It’s our last full day shooting today.

Well, not really. Three of the students will be headed to Victoria Falls tomorrow, Three to Nxai Pan with Tony. And I’m headed to Mena a Kweno. So there’s much more shooting to be done. But officially, today is the penultimate day of the workshop.

Once again I’m going to let photos do most of the talking. Tomorrow I’ll have more to say about gear and shooting.

bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-3.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-dj-8.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-jh-6.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-pp-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-tm-5.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-jh-7.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-tm-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-tm-3.jpg

Botswana does have its oddities. Like this bridge that nobody uses:

bythom 8-17-okavango-jh-4.jpg

It was built at the height of the floods, but it’s such a pain to drive over when there isn’t a flood everyone just goes around (note where the vehicle is). Apparently, since it was built it hasn’t flooded again. Meanwhile, I can think of a few spots we encounter on these trips that could use this bridge...

Much of the day we spent around a massive group of hippos. 

bythom 8-17-okavango-bf-4.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-dj-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-jh-3.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-dj-3.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-jh-5.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-bf-6.jpg

But here’s a hippo behavior I hadn’t shot before:

bythom 8-17-okavango-bf-5.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-bma-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-dj-5.jpg

At lunch, camp had a nice visit from a family of elephants, which allowed some on-foot shooting or just observing.

bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-4.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-5.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-6.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-ap-7.jpg

It seems only fitting that for our final full day we find a great sundown spot. Our choice was one where we had a sunset in one direction and a full moon rising diametrically opposed to that. The question was, would we manage to find any animals to take advantage of the two placements? Considering that the place we’re at has the nickname of Elephant Point, guess what we’re hoping for? 

Also as befits any last sundowner, we’ve got Gin and Tonics and Champaign, plus an assortment of other goodies. For some reason popcorn tastes better in the middle of nowhere.

bythom 8-17-okavango-bm-2.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-bm-3.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-tm-7.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-pp-3.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-tm-8.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-pp-4.jpg
bythom 8-17-okavango-dj-4.jpg

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