Some Updates

My cataract surgery went well, and I’m back to doing some work at the computer each day, though not as much as normal, so bear with me. As with my previous surgery, I got way more emails about this than for any other subject or comment in the recent past. Sorry if I didn’t reply to them all; it simply wasn’t possible. Thanks for your thoughts, support, and understanding.

I’ll be updating the cataract article next week. I’ve got one small correction, plus a bunch more notes on things to expect. Among all those well-wishing emails I got were quite a few from people who are on the cusp of needing cataract surgery. There aren’t a lot of great sources that speak to how a serious photographer might/should respond to such surgery, and I’d like to try to make my article at least a small sample of what’s needed. 

In the meantime, I’ve moved my Mac recommendations article over from dslrbodies and updated it to account for the latest Apple announcements. You’ll find it in the Reviews/Books section. Short version: stick with 16GB/512GB as your minimum and pretty much any of the M1/M2 Macs work quite decently for a photographer. It’s only the intense processors (multiple large files open and/or lots of use of GPU) and videographers that start to benefit from the Pro, Max, Ulta chips and the higher end machines, such as the Mac Studio.

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