Oh My, He Actually Did It! It's Nikon D6 Day!

Today I've posted my Nikon D6 review, as well as made the Complete Guide to the Nikon D6 available to purchase.

I know some of you thought that I'd never get around to doing either, but I've been nibbling away at finishing these projects for quite some time. Nikon's fairly rapid move to mirrorless, coupled with the pandemic occurring not long afterward, definitely had an influence on how long it took me to finish these two D6 projects. 

But I was never going to give up on them, and for one clear reason: the D6 is the best DSLR made. Not the best Nikon DSLR, but the best DSLR. Okay, so maybe it doesn't have the D850's 45mp image sensor, but in virtually every other respect, the D6 is Nikon's statement of "this is what a DSLR should be." It deserves a review and book of its own, for sure.

What a lot of DSLR users don't realize is just how much more refined (and better) the D6 is than the D5 that came before it. The D6 is a clearly better camera than the D5, and that starts with the D6's autofocus system, which was built new, and has performance that puts it at the top of the DSLR heap (possibly permanently, if no one ever makes another new DSLR). The built-in GPS and extended Wi-Fi give it functionality the D5 didn't have. The added image review capabilities, coupled with the Send to... abilities make it a professional tool for working faster.

So, enjoy the D6 review and book. My apologies for taking so long to complete them.

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