New Workshops for 2024

Today I’m announcing three workshops for 2024, all in one of my favorite and most productive wildlife places in the world: Botswana.

  1. Kalihari — In this workshop, my teaching assistant Tony Medici and I take you away from the water-filled area that’s most visited in Botswana and into the area just beyond, one that turns into an arid desert at times, but still hosts the second largest zebra migration on the planet if you visit at the right time. Which we will. You’ll be astonished at what lives in this tough environment, including the big cats and a plethora of birds. Don’t step on the snakes, though. 
bythom int bots nxaipan April2022 Z9 20575.jpg

  1. Okavango — For this workshop, Creative Photo Academy owner and instructor Mark Comon will join me in teaching in one of most amazing ecosystems on the planet, the Okavango Delta. We do a little bit of everything on this workshop, hitting all the key ecosystem zones that are in and flank the delta. I’ve been using variations on this itinerary for over a decade, and it never disappoints. Moreover, we’re visiting at an exciting time of year, when the wet season is ending and you find color and blue skies are everywhere. 
bythom int bots xakanaxa April2022 Z9 16188.jpg

  1. Intimate Okavango — This is a slightly shorter and smaller workshop that will be taught by my teaching assistant, Tony Medici. It’s been designed to be a comfortable introduction to the best the area has to offer, and is great for first-time African visitors. You’ll visit towards the end of the regular tourist season, when it’s cooler and drier. We’ve made it just short enough so that you can also consider adding a private three-day extension to round our your Africa experience (e.g. Victoria Falls, Cape Town, and a host of other options). There’s a good chance Thom will stop by for a guest lecture, too, as he plans to be in the area on a different project. 

I’ve gone to smaller group sizes than I used to (6 to 9 total students), so all of these workshops have accessible instructors who’ll give you plenty of direct, individual help. But that, coupled with the fact I get a large number of return students, also means that they fill up incredibly fast. 

Don’t wait to read those brochures and figure out if you want to experience some of the best instruction and wildlife Africa has to offer.

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