2023 Okavango Delta Photo Workshop

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: April 9 to April 21, 2023

Short Description: This workshop starts in Maun, Botswana and travels through several parts of the Okavango Delta and adjoining area. Unlike many Botswana trips, we're targeting a special time of the year, just after the rains end, when the animals tend to be very active. We had great success with this trip in 2022, and are repeating a similar itinerary and timing for 2023. 

We start with a brief, intensive session at Thamo Telele, a Maun game lodge (no predators) to get you tuned up and ready for the real action. Then we drive to a mobile tented camp in the Moremi Reserve, where we use our Land Cruisers to explore that area for three full days. Next, we hop on a flat-bottomed boat for a ride up the river delta itself to the luxury Splash Camp, where we spend our time exploring the area by water, foot, and via night drives for two nights. 

A short chartered flight next takes us to Savuti, which is part of Chobe National Park and just outside the delta. Here we again use a mobile tented camp as our home while exploring Botswana's premiere predator-heavy savanna for several days. Finally, we move our tented camp to the Khwai River, where we experience what happens in one of the more reliably "wet" areas for our final few days on safari. From there, we return you back to the Maun, Botswana airport for flights home.

While rhinos are a rarity in this region, you'll likely encounter pretty much everything else sub-Sahara Africa has to offer on this workshop. We've saw all the predators, virtually any prey you can think of, and over 160 bird species on last year's trip. We only put three students in each of our three photography-friendly Land Cruisers, so there's generally plenty of room for your gear as we move around the delta. Every vehicle has a very experienced driver/guide, plus Thom will be in the front seat of one vehicle, and Tony Medici (Thom's teaching partner) will be in another. In other words, you'll have excellent help both photographically as well as in spotting and identifying animals and birds throughout this workshop. 

We travel with laptops, projector and screen on this trip, so even in our downtime Thom and Tony are teaching pretty much all the time. This isn't a short workshop with a casual photo tour afterwards. It's a full-on multi-week workshop in one of the most exciting wildlife habitats on the planet.

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Cost: Africa is not inexpensive. We provide first class food, lodging, and facilities throughout, as well as top-level instruction and guiding. Moreover, for this trip we're upgrading our mobile tented camp. Not only are the tents bigger, but they now have a small storage area for each participant and a fully enclosed bath at the rear. 

The 2023 trip costs US$15,195, plus US$595 in park entrance fees and US$395 in internal flight costs. Please note that these prices were held at 2022 pricing. Future workshops are likely to be higher priced. That said, for everything this trip involves, including dual instructors, this is still one of the least expensive ways to get this much time in this wildlife-rich area with so much photographic and post processing instruction. 

Other: This workshop is limited to nine students, and reservations are first-come, first-served. 1 Opening available.

Signups: Call Lisa Laferte at Wilderness Travel (800-368-2794).

The full PDF brochure for the workshop can be found here (1MB download). This 13-page brochure describes the day-by-day itinerary and all relevant details for the trip.

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