A New World Awaits...

Here's what this year's April Fool's post looked like. This appeared as the main bythom.com page, along with an easter egg in the right column (now removed).

bythom sony header

Thank you for visiting byThom.

The byThom site will be closed briefly so as to facilitate Thom's transition to Sony Alpha cameras. Come back on April 2nd to see the completely new byThom and all our offerings and pages in support of the Sony RX, A6xxx, A7, and A9 series cameras and lenses.(1)

In the offices, workers are busily painting over the Nikon yellow walls, packing up Thom's Nikon DSLRs and lenses for shipment to the B&H Used Department, and finding a place to store more camera batteries.(2)

Thom himself is busy working on what currently are just semi-complete guides to various Sony cameras, but eventually should rival his Nikon work. He's also getting his poisonous pen ready to prod Sony management, at least while they're still listening to him.(3)

When asked about Thom's planned change, a NikonUSA employee who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons said "Good riddance. I hated reading about how bad we're doing." When asked how well Nikon was actually doing, he responded "no comment."(4)

The dslrbodies.com Web site will now transition to sansnikon.com and not be updated with new Nikon information in the future. The sansmirror.com Web site will now become consony.com to reflect the emphasis on Sony gear.(5)

We apologize for this short interruption to the usual flow of information from the Web sites, but I think you'll understand that a huge undertaking such as the one being made doesn't happen instantaneously. It'll take several hours just for the DNS links to settle in, for example. 

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(1) Yeah, always start with something that people might very well believe. 

(2) Okay, I'm getting a little feisty and facetious here, but still in the believable exaggeration realm.

(3) Ratcheting up the sarcasm.

(4) Really? You believed that Nikon would give me a direct quote, even off the record? And your sarcasm meter should be hitting Suspicious.

(5) Okay, that made no sense at all. So you should be trying to figure out what's going on here after reading that paragraph. 

It's no longer visible, but if you had clicked on any of the Sony links in the right column, you would have been taken to a page that announced April Fools'. 

Thanks for playing...

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