Photography in the Galapagos

Shooting the Boobies
Everything you need to know about photography in the Galapagos Islands

As a child, my mother once showed me a book that contained several photographs of Giant Tortoises. I was fascinated by these large "turtles," and decided at the grand old age of 7 that I would visit their home someday. That day didn't come for almost 30 years, but when it did, I was so fascinated I kept going back.

Touring the Galapagos is like spending a week on the other side of the bars in a zoo. In other words, a photographer's dream. Of course, there aren’t any lions and tigers and bears. Instead, just boobies and lizards and turtles, oh my! I heartily recommend the experience to every photographer.

But if you go, take the time to do it right. Each new trip I take there is better than the last, because I've learned to maximize my photographic opportunities. Few of the existing books on the Galapagos really take a photographer's point of view (the best of the bunch was Barry Boyce’s [affiliate link], unfortunately now out of date, though still useful). Instead, most Galapagos books  function more like guidebooks, and even then they tend to get out of date fast.

I originally set out to write a book about touring the Galapagos targeted for photographers, but haven't got around to doing so or even finding a publisher for it. Until then, I've put together a few words (okay, more than few) to help you plan your trip. This information is based upon five trips to the Galapagos, and yes, I'll be headed back for a sixth time soon.

This mini-section of the site is a series of articles on different subjects relating to a trip to the islands:

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