How to Update Your Nikon D3 Guide

Please read carefully.

Note: if you ordered any time after April 15, 2010, you already have the latest version (2.03).

Do you have the previous version of The Complete Guide to the Nikon D3, D3s, and D3x and wonder what changed in this new version? Here's the complete list of what Thom changed:

  • Incorporated all the known errata.
  • Added full information about the D3s and D3x, including many subtle differences between the cameras.
  • Added comments and clarifications throughout the book where I've learned more about the original D3.
  • Added SB-900 instructions.
  • Updated the Introduction to Nikon Software, which covers Capture NX2 and other current versions of Nikon software.
  • Fixed templating to be more consistent on wording, did some careful reformatting to fit the book into fewer pages with even more information.
  • Clarified the UniWB section along with a sample UniWB file.

If you have a version prior to 2.03 and wish to receive the new version, send payment plus your original CD to Thom Hogan, PO Box 811, Emmaus, PA 18049. I don't make money off this upgrade service, but basically only recover my costs. Your new Complete Guide will be sent by Priority (US) or First Class mail (international).

Things are a little more complicated than some other updates due to the options that are involved:

  • CD+ToGo only for anyone living outside of Pennsyvlania: US$14.99
  • CD+ToGo only for Pennsylvania residents: US$15.59
  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for Pennsylvania residents send US$47
  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for other US and Canadian residents: send US$44.99
  • CD+ToGo+Printed complete set for all other International residents: send US$59.99

Be sure to include your current email address so that a shipping confirmation can be sent.

  1. Print this page.
  2. Fill in the blanks in the form, below.
  3. Include your payment, which must be drawn on a US bank and sent along with your original CD plus this form to:

Thom Hogan
PO Box 811
Emmaus, PA 18049

The prices listed above include all shipping and handling charges. Funds drawn on a foreign bank will be rejected, as my bank charges excessive fees to clear these. I can't do mailed credit card processing or direct bank transfers at the present time. Thus, if you live outside the US, you'll have to ask your bank to create a check or money order that is in US funds drawn on a US bank. Sending cash isn't recommended; you do so at your own risk. US checks drawn on a US bank are fine. If you choose to send payment via PayPal, note that your order will not ship until the original disc is received back. Because my shipping assistant does not have access to my PayPal account, this sometimes can lead to delays when I'm traveling.

Yes, I wish to order an update to my D3 Guide. I want the:

[ ] CD+ToGo Guide only
[ ] CD+ToGo plus printed and bound version

Send it to:

Name: _______________________

Address1: ___________________________

Address2: __________________________

City: __________________ State: ____________ Postal Code: _______________

Email address (for order confirmation): _______________________________
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