Nikon DSLR Reviews

Current and Recent Nikon DSLRs
These reviews are maintained with current opinions and ratings.

Older but Still Recent Nikon DSLRs
Some of these reviews are in the process of being updated and brought over to the dslrbodies site. Ratings within these reviews were made when the camera was current and are thus are now out of date. Use my comments here instead:

Much Older Nikon DSLRs
Warning: these reviews have not been updated for a long time and reflect opinions that are now many years old. All of these cameras are easily outperformed by more recent cameras. This doesn't make these older models bad, it just means that their value has greatly depreciated. Don't go by any ratings that appear in these old reviews: the ratings in those reviews were made when the camera was current, and don't reflect where the ratings would be today. Also, see my ultimate upgrade page:

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