byThom Workshops

For years Thom Hogan has taught one or two intensive photo workshops along with his teaching assistant, Tony Medici. Previous workshops have been in South America, Africa, and the US.

All of the byThom workshops feature teacher-to-student ratios of no more than 7:1 (more typically 5:1 or 6:1) with as much one-on-one interaction as you are comfortable. Lodging, food, and transportation are all first class, even when we use our mobile tent camps in Africa; we don't want the logistics or practical things to get in the way of our photography. Thom uses award-winning tour operator Wilderness Travel to handle all the logistics for his International trips. 

That said, there are currently no workshops with openings available in 2018, and no new workshops have been scheduled beyond that. Check back later to see if any new workshops have been added.

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