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Original: 10/21/2009

Even before I took a temporary break from teaching short (three-day) workshops, there was a pent-up demand for students to work directly with me. Today, this demand has risen to even higher levels. This page announces one way I'm going to attempt to deal with that demand: Thom Hogan Limited Editions.

With the updates to my prosumer and pro camera books I'll be releasing a version of them as a Limited Edition of 25, priced at US$849. Purchasers of these Limited Editions get:

  • The full normal package for the book (CD and To Go Guide), a US$49.99 value
  • A full printed version of the main book in black and white, a US$29.99 value
  • A full printed, signed, numbered version of the main book in color, a US$99.99 value
  • All of the above shipped to you via Priority Mail
  • All future updates of the book, if any, delivered free, a likely US$14.99 value or more
  • Three hours of personal, one-on-one time with Thom, a US$750 value

The first four things should be easy enough to understand: you get a package with the best possible iterations of my Complete Guide for your camera, and you'll be kept updated in the future if the book gets updated. One thing to note: I don't normally autograph my works, so a signed copy of my work is rare. Still, it's that last item that should perk your interest, makes the Limited Edition really valuable, and needs much more explanation.

First, how you want to spend those three hours is up to you. I'll do portfolio reviews (be sure to wear your hard hat and flame-proof suit), I'll do an equipment consultation, I'll go shooting with you, I'll do a mini-workshop, I'll help you with post processing, I'll help you with printing your images (if we have printing available at the location), or we can just talk shop over an extended meal. The choice of how those hours are spent will be yours. The choice of where and when those hours will be spent will be (mostly) mine.

Whoa. That last sentence sounded like a drawback, didn't it? It shouldn't be, really. In order to fit all these one-on-ones into my schedule, I need to concentrate them, both in terms of place and time. Here's what I intend to do:

  • Each year I'll publish a list of at least four weeks and locations for which I'll be available. For 2010, I expect those locations to be in Southern Utah (Capital Reef/Canyonlands/Arches), the Jackson area (Yellowstone/Grand Teton), the Smoky Mountains, Washington DC, and one other area I haven't identified yet. In addition, those in the PA/NY/DE area should be able to arrange something local with a little more date flexibility (this works for times I'm in my office in Eastern PA). In addition, in 2010 I have one day free in Johannesberg, South Africa and one day free in Buenos Aires, Argentina that can be used for this.
  • Signups for the various times and locations will be offered based upon when you placed your original order (first to order a Limited Edition gets first pick, last to order gets the last pick), though for locations with high demand I'll try to be flexible enough to work everyone in that wants in. For instance, if I'll be in Arches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and get nine people who want to take me up on that location, I might try to extend to Thursday or Monday to accomodate the implied overflow, but it's not guaranteed that I can always do this.
  • Availability will be mostly concentrated on weekends (Friday through Sunday), though in some cases I may have to add some mid-week days.

We're going to try this idea out starting with the Second Edition of the Complete Guide to the Nikon D700, which you'll notice I'm also announcing today. If you're ready to pounce on this opportunity, simply click on the button, below, and start the ordering process. If you're not yet sure, then check out the Q&A that follows. If you still have any questions, you can email them to me.

To order click this button --> 21 still available

What if I want the consultation but don't want a D700 Guide?
Then wait for me to offer a Limited Edition of the Third edition of the Complete Guide to the Nikon D300 and D300s. Or perhaps D3, D3x, and D3s update of the Complete Guide to the Nikon D3. As I noted, I'm only going to do this for the top end cameras. If you're a non-Nikon user or use one of the consumer Nikon bodies, you'll have to wait me to resume my three-day workshops to get any direct training from me, sorry.

What happens if I can't fit into your schedule this year?
I'll push you into the next year's offerings and you go to the head of the queue in choosing dates.

What if I change my mind later and decide I don't want the consultation?
Sorry, but there are no refunds. I suppose I'd let you pass the consultation to someone else.

Is the signed book really a limited edition?
Yes. I will not sign any other copies of the books for which I do this, and all signed copies are personally signed and numbered. The actual edition run for each is 30 (I'm keeping one for myself, and I may at my discretion distribute the other four for promotional or other purposes). These color versions are high quality prints, done by one of the world's largest printers. They aren't cheap to produce in such low quantities.

What if I want printing advice for my consultation?
This would almost certainly have to be done at my offices with my Epson 4880 and 2800. I suppose that if you live in one of the areas I'll be coming to and have your own printing equipment we can do it at your place, but check with me first before relying upon that.

What's the 2010 schedule look like?
At the moment I don't have a lock on dates, but here is the current best guess:

  • April: Smoky Mountain and Washington DC
  • June: Jackson, WY area
  • September: Johannesberg, South Africa
  • Late October: Southern Utah Parks
  • December: Buenos Aires, Argentina

At my discretion, I may add additional opportunities. And remember that if you're in the PA/NY/DE area, we may be able to arrange a different time and place locally.

What about International customers?
You're welcome to participate, but note that my international availability is highly limited each year. If the listed areas don't work for you, email me with details about where you'd be interested in doing the consultation. Who knows, one of my upcoming travel assignments might fit.

When will you publish the final schedule?
As soon as I know it. Probably near the end of the year.

What happens when all 25 copies are sold?
That's it. It's a Limited Edition. Also, no more color books will be produced or available. | Nikon | Gadgets | Writing | imho | Travel | Privacy statement | contact Thom at

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