Complete D80 Guide
Errata Page

The following are the known errata for the initial version of the book, as of 1/29/2008.


Version 1.0.3

I failed to mention the hard reset switch (located between the USB and Video ports on the left side of the camera). Perform this reset before resorting to the Last Resort Reset I describe.

Several comments about file capacities of various card sizes have been made. Like many Nikon bodies, the D80 uses a size guess when calculating what to show in the Frames Remaining indicator. Unfortunately, those guesses often vary from reality when a card is empty or near empty. The charts and calculators in the eBook are more accurate, in my experience (though still not perfect--JPEG and NEF compression is variable depending upon image detail).

The Multiple Exposure option is not documented in the Complete Guide (yes, this makes it incomplete; I'll fix that in the next edition)

There appears to be a firmware bug in the D80 model. If you use the ML-L3 wireless remote, autofocus appears to be done only with the central autofocus sensor, even if you've selected one of the outlying ones.

Another curious Nikon anomaly: some VR lenses seem to lower the maximum continuous frame rate speed of the D80 (but this doesn't happen on the D200 with the same lens, using the same autofocus settings).

p. 12: substitute "camera strap" for "lens strap."

p. 34: "simultaneously once you've press the shutter" should be "simultaneously once you've pressed the shutter"

p. 61: "as almost as responsive as" should be "almost as responsive as."

p. 63: "surronded" should be "surrounded"

p. 92: "9 volts at 4500mAh" should be "9 volts at 4500mA"

p. 107: Second table heading should be labeled "Long Exp. NR."

p. 111: In the caption, "teh" should be "the."

p. 114: "Toshiba Cards 64MB to 2MB" should be "Toshiba Cards 64MB to 2GB."

p. 138/142: The NEF includes a JPEG Basic file.

p. 146: JPEG Basic should be JPEG Normal.

p. 147: The D200 reference should be D80.

p. 169: Remove the reference to .TIF in the parenthetical comment.

p. 177: CSM/Setup menu: should be Full, not Detailed for the complete option.

p. 193: The reference to the JPEG Basic thumbnail should be JPEG Normal.

p. 195: Non-US readers apparently don't get the "EPA mileage label" reference. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency requires auto makers to put gas mileage estimate stickers on new vehicles. These estimates are just that, and real life gas mileage varies from them. Thus, the reference.

p. 212: Push the up and down buttons for viewing additional info about the photo, not left/right.

p. 238: Photo doesn't match caption: camera is in Manual exposure mode in the photo.

p. 241: In the reference to color spaces (fourth bullet), delete Child mode. Night Landscape exposure mode should be added after Landscape.

p. 244: In the Sports section, "CSM #3" should be "CSM #2 (or use the AF button on the top of the camera)." I'm also beginning to think that CSM #3 should be set to WIDE, but that's not what I was trying to say in that section.

p. 259: The hyperlink reference for page 203 should be page 205. Curiously, the actual hyperlink is correct, but the text for some reason didn't update correctly when the page numbering did.

p. 259: Flash does sometimes activate Auto ISO, but only when the flash range is exceeded.

p. 268: There's a bad page break here (the minus sign appears on page 268 and the value appears on page 269.

p. 302: Bad page break at the end of the page: the table titles somehow got split over the pages.

p. 321: There's no green arrow on the illustration though the text refers to one.

p. 326: It appears that I'm wrong: AF-A mode only releases the shutter when focus is achieved. The discrepancy simply appears to be that the D80 autofocus system is fast enough that it sometimes appears to use release priority.

p. 328: In the Autofocus Settings Summary, the Auto-area options should be listed as showing the active area being shown (Yes in last column instead of no). This also leads to the question of why multiple areas are being shown: the camera is basing its focus decision upon those areas. Those areas can be at slightly different distances, so there is obviously a slight bit of tolerance to the reporting. At first I thought that the camera was using closest focus on those areas, but that does not appear to be the case in my testing--if anything, it seems to be more an average. Do note that the matrix metering will tend to emphasize the highlighted areas in its calculations.

p. 344: Remove the entry for NEF in the D80 Maximum Buffer Capacity (only Compressed NEF is supported on the D80).

p. 435: Auto FP only works with external flash units (i.e. doesn't work with the internal flash unit)

p. 453: The SB-600 supports TTL FP. The internal flash does not support TTL FP.

p. 486: The SB-600 GNs are incorrect: 98' (30m) at 35mm. | Nikon | Gadgets | Writing | imho | Travel | Privacy statement | 2008 Thom Hogan. All rights reserved.